Apply to Enroll in Credit Card Processing

TheraNest allows for you to accept credit card payments through the system itself. TheraNest takes this privilege very seriously and therefore we have several security measures in place when setting up this feature.

Note: There is no monthly or gateway fee only a processing fee of 2.69% + $0.30 per successful charge.

Accessing Credit Card Payment setup

You can setup your account to process client's’ credit and debit cards by clicking Organization > Settings.

2.  Click the Accept Credit Card Payments tab.

Step 1. Verifying your cell phone number and account information.

To protect TheraNest and citizens from potential fraud we require cell phone verification.

  1. Enter in your business account details. This is all information pertaining to your practice.

  • Note: We are unable to process approvals if our customers submit addresses that contain a PO Box.  All address fields must have actual physical mailing addresses.
  • 2. Enter Business Owner/Officer Information. This is information for the owner and main provider who will be the tenant owner of the TheraNest subscription.

For the mobile phone field: please have immediate access to the mobile phone you enter. Enter your 10-digit number and hit send code. A verification code will be sent to that mobile number.

The page will update in TheraNest to display that a code has been sent.

If you did not receive a code, please double check the phone number was entered correctly click the Resend link or try a different mobile number.

If code was entered in correctly you’ll be notified via TheraNest that the verification was successful.

After successfully mobile verification, complete the Home Address form and hit Continue.

Step 2.  Review and Agree to Terms

In Step 2 you’ll validate your information  and agree to terms and conditions.

  1. Review and verify your information is correct in the Business Owner/Officer Information screen. It is critical for the next step that this information is correct. If so then click Continue.

2. Question Based Authentication.

Based off the information you entered in on the previous page you will need to answer some security questions to verify your identity. Please answer accordingly.

Once questions have been answered hit continue.

3. Agree to terms and conditions.

Once you agree to the terms and conditions TheraNest will verify your information and your account will be updated with the status of Pending.

Step 3.  TheraNest Verification

Once our merchant has verified all of your information a Customer Happiness team member will reach out to you by phone to complete the verification process. Once your account is approved, you can start process payments and the following message will appear: