Credit Card Payments

Accepting Credit Card Payments

First set up your account to process credit cards.

1a) To accept a payment from a client from their ledger using a credit card, click Accept Payment.

1b) Or click Save and Accept Payment while creating an invoice (after clicking New Invoice).

1c) Or click Apply Payment from the Actions column for an previously created invoice that's listed under Open Invoices. 

2) On the Payment Info page an entire list of open invoices will appear along with their invoice numbers. Enter the amount of the payment in the Total Amount field, or just begin clicking the check boxes next to the sessions you'd like to make payments for below, and this amount will be calculated for you.

3) Select Credit/Debit Card under Payment Method, and then click Enter Card Details to enter the card number. 

4) A window will appear where you can enter the client's credit card information. You can also check the "Save Payment Details for Later Use"box below to save the card information to be used for future payments.  

If you have a card swipe reader, you can click the Scan from USB Card Reader and swipe the client's card, otherwise, click Save.

If a card was previously entered and stored, you'll be able to select it under the Credit Card drop down menu. Once selected, click Save in the upper right hand corner of the payment screen. 

6) Confirm you want to charge this card by clicking "Yes I'm sure" button 


  • A message will appear in the upper right portion of the screen that will let you know if the card was declined immediately. 
  • Once a card number is stored, it can be used again by checking "Use Card on File" box on the Payment Info page. You can add multiple card numbers on the client's Bill To & Insurance Info page.

Here is a short video explaining the above process:

Frequently Asked Questions:
1.   How to void a credit card charge?